Are You Ready for a Challenge?

The North Shore Challenge is an Open Water Swim event held annually in July in Norfolk County, ON, entering its third year. The event is held as a fundraiser for Camp Trillium, Rainbow Lake, a summer camp for kids and families affected by cancer. Our event has managed to raise over $10,000 for Camp Trillium (and, as part of Annaleise Carr’s Radical Crossings team, has raised almost $500,000 since 2012)

1KM – Quick Dip

Ideal for sprinters, pool swimmers, and rookies to open water swimming, the 1km quick dip is a triangular course, entering and exiting Lake Erie at Turkey Point Beach.

1km swimmers are asked to sign in at the Turkey Point Pavilion, from 7:30-9:00am, and then make their way to the beach on foot (about a two minute walk from the pavilion). The race will begin at 9:30am
Register online for $80.00

3.8KM – Main Event

Our most popular event, and probably the most popular distance in open water swimming, the 3.8km main event is a point to point swim from Normandale Beach to Turkey Point. Swimmers start in-water, at the tip of the Normandale Pier, and swim out 400m to the first turn buoy. They then follow a line of buoys parallel to the Lake Erie shoreline, across a beach full of spectators, before circling the end buoy and swimming into the finish line at the west end of Turkey Point Beach.

3.8km swimmers will sign in at the Turkey Point Pavilion from 7:30-9:00am, and will then be shuttled to Normandale Beach. The race will begin at 9:30am. Register online for $80.00!

10KM – Marathon

The ultimate challenge! Have you ever dreamed of being an Olympic Athlete? Challenge yourself to the official Olympic marathon distance: 10km! Swimmers begin in-water at Port Ryerse beach, alongside their kayak escort. At the siren start, they will swim out 400m into Lake Erie, around the first turn buoy, and then swim parallel to Lake Erie’s shoreline, toward Turkey Point. For over 5km, it is just you, your kayaker, and the lake, until you reach the yellow buoy, and then in to the finish line, and a beach full of applauding spectators.

Because of the early start to this event, we are asking 10km swimmers to sign in and pick up their race kits the night before (Saturday), between 5-8pm, at the Turkey Point Pavilion. We will assemble at the pavilion the next morning at 7am to board the shuttle. The 10km marathon will begin at 7:30am. Register online for $80-90.00!

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE NOTE – We will be closing the 10km registration (with kayak support) July 11 at midnight, due to overwhelming demand. If you are able to bring your own kayaker, you can still register for the 10km until Saturday, July 15th.

Swimmers who are registering for the “EMBRACE the CHALLENGE” GSS Race, August 18/19th, can use this swim as their qualifying swim.

The Team Challenge

The newest addition to the North Shore Challenge this year, the Team Challenge seeks to combine teamwork, fundraising, and speed into a team award. We are calling on all swim teams, masters clubs, open water pods, and triathlon clubs to challenge one another!

When you register, you have the option of including a team name (if you are not competing in the team challenge, this can be left blank.) This page will act as your swimmer profile page. This page is also your personal fundraising page. Share your personal page via email and social media. Every dollar raised will contribute 1 point to your team.

Then, on race day, you will compete in one of our three race distances, and will receive GSS points based on your race results. These points will be applied to your team as well.

The average points earned per swimmer for your team – (fundraising pts + GSS points) / # of swimmers – will be your team score. The winning team will receive a team plaque and bragging rights!