Hello Swimbuddies!

We wanted to share more details about the TEAM CHALLENGE, the newest adventure you can take part in on the North Shore.

While swimming is an individual sport, we all know what a big part the social aspect of swimming, and being a part of a team of like-minded athletes helps our training. We at the North Shore Challenge wanted to tap the power of the team for our newest adventure. We’d like to invite you to join the TEAM CHALLENGE.

When you register, you will have the option to create or join a team. By doing so, your team becomes a part of the challenge, and will be competing against swim teams, triathlon clubs, masters’ groups, and even informal swim gangs! Train together, plan together, recruit other teammates, and fundraise! Then, on July 16th, swim hard and cheer on teammates competing in other distances.

Here’s how our team challenge scoring works:
1. For every dollar you fundraise, you will receive a TC point.
2. The GSS points you receive for your event will also count as TC points (remember that finishing your event is worth 50 points, with up to 50 more points being awarded for your results)
3. Your points will be combined with the rest of your team’s, and then divided by the number of swimmers on the team (so small teams are on even keel with large teams), to come up with your TEAM CHALLNGE RATING.
4. The team with the top team challenge rating will win the coveted TEAM CHALLENGE AWARD!

For example:
Annaleise fundraised $100 through her fundraising page, and earned an additional 95 GSS points for swimming the 10km marathon, she would earn 195 Team Challenge points. Josh fundraised $50 through his fundraising page, and earned 72 points in the 1km quick dip. He has earned 122 team points.They would have a team rating of 158.5, the average of their points.

While it is not necessary to fund raise to be a part of the Team Challenge, it sure helps! It is also not necessary to be the fastest swimmer to do well in the Team Challenge, but it does help! Large teams are great, but small teams can be just as competitive!

If you are currently a member of a swim team, a triathlon club, a master’s group, or an open water pod, please let us know, by emailing swimlakeerie@gmail.com; one of our ambassadors will deliver a Team Challenge package, including exclusive club discounts.
So, build your team, register for the race, start fundraising, and challenge your rivals!