Theo VanderLee Award

Theo VanderLee was a beloved member of the North Shore Nation. He trained and competed in running, open water swimming, and triathlon. But more than that, he was a father. A mentor. A friend. Theo was taken from us too soon by cancer. We miss him.

Each year, we select one North Shore Challenger who is competing in his/her first open water swim event, and who embodies Theo’s competitive spirit and his passion for sport.

Past Winners:
2015 – Arjun Krishna
2016 – Sarah MacNaughton
2017 – Kara Hoskins
2018 – Hannah Ward

The Team Challenge Cup, brought to you by Vanden Bussche Irrigation

The Team Challenge seeks to combine teamwork, fundraising, and speed into a team award. We are calling on all swim teams, masters clubs, open water pods, and triathlon clubs to challenge one another!

When you register, you will be given a personal fundraising page. If you create or join a team, this page also helps you earn Team Challenge points. Share your personal page via email and social media. Every two dollars raised will contribute 1 point to your team.

Then, on race day, you will compete in one of our three main race distances, and will receive GSS points based on your race results. These points will be applied to your team as well.

The average points earned per swimmer for your team – (fundraising pts + GSS points) / # of swimmers – will be your team score. The winning team will receive the Team Challenge Cup and bragging rights! New for 2019: Teams must consist of at least four members to compete for the Team Challenge Cup.

We are grateful to the team at Vanden Bussche Irrigation for their generous sponsorship of this award!

Past Winners:
2017 – Wilmot Aces
2018 – “Just Keep Swimming”


Find out who the winners are. Check here for past years results and visit shortly after the swim for this year’s.

2018 Results
2017 Results
2016 Results
2015 Results