Mairi MacGregor

Three years ago Mairi MacGregor decided to set a goal for her 50th birthday – to join masters swimming and compete in “A” swim meet. She joined the Oakville Masters swim team in 2013. She was hooked after that first meet and with lots of encouragement, continued to set new goals and went to the World’s Masters Games in Montreal in 2014. She says “I was so impressed with the athletes who continued to compete into their 90’s.”

In 2014 she did one open water swim and bought a wetsuit. In addition to Oakville Masters, she joined L.O.S.T. in 2015. There was a new challenge that year: Global Swim Series. She swam 8 competitions and won the women’s wetsuit division in 2015. Last year, she switched to the non-wetsuit division and did some longer swims – 3.8km and 5km and has just signed up for her first 10km swim, so her initial goal of competing in “A” meet continues to evolve!