Athlete Profile – LifeLabs’ Natalie Ceccato

North Shore Challenge – It’s not meant to be easy

It’s not our style at LifeLabs to always go with the flow and to swim alongside the other fish. In order to continue building a healthier Canada we know it’s important that we sometimes go against the current, embrace challenge, and do the unthinkable. Though doing so does not just happen overnight. It takes courage, planning, and most importantly, a strong support system, and like Natalie Ceccato, Director of Marketing and Business Intelligence at LifeLabs and participant in the North Shore Challenge says, “It’s not meant to be easy.”

For a non-swimmer like Natalie, participating in a 3.8 km open water race across Lake Erie is definitely “not easy.” Lake Erie is the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes; it’s known for being unpredictable, with waves that build up quickly from just a slight breeze. Natalie, though, is always up for a challenge and around LifeLabs, she’s known for diving in head first! How does she do it with such determination and grace?

1. She finds inspiration

Natalie is not doing the North Shore Challenge just because. She was inspired by her daughter’s hero and North Shore Challenge founder, Annaleise Carr, and the great experience Camp Trillium provides children suffering from cancer and their families. Having a reason to swim 3.8 km across the cold waters of Lake Erie makes this challenge a worthwhile one.

2. She strives further

Everyone at LifeLabs knows that Natalie constantly strives to be and do her best. Understanding and realizing your potential, though, doesn’t happen overnight! Natalie knows that by taking on the North Shore Challenge, she’ll be able to face bigger and more difficult challenges in the future, like the Iron Man challenge she will take part in this October in Barcelona. Go Natalie!

3. She surrounds herself with positive, encouraging people

While we are also thrilled to be supporting Camp Trillium as sponsors, we couldn’t be more thrilled to join friends and family on the sidelines to cheer on Natalie as she achieves another personal goal. Not to take all the credit for Natalie’s success, but having a support system, like her amazing LifeLabs colleagues, helps her push forward. Natalie will be joined by other like-minded friends participating in the same race and will also have colleagues and family cheering her on throughout the journey.

4. She knows it’s called a challenge for a reason

Natalie can take on a lot, this we know, but she is also aware that when presented with a challenge it’s not always going to be easy breezy. Being able to take on a challenge successfully means understanding it will take time and dedication to complete. Even if it means training in freezing cold water: right, Natalie?