Swim & Win with FINIS and the North Shore Challenge

From the very beginning of the North Shore Challenge, FINIS has been a key partner. This year, we will be featuring over $1000 worth of FINIS gear as prizes for our swimmers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this amazing company, here is your primer.

FINIS – Simplify Swimming

FINIS strives to simplify swimming through innovation, high-quality products and a commitment to education. It is our goal to help open water swimmers master the basics of swimming as a means to excellence.

Whether it be their agility paddles, freestyle snorkels, or axis buoys, or the coveted FINIS DUO SwimP3 player (all featured NSC prizes), you can’t go wrong with FINIS!

Introducing: SwimEars

FINIS’s new earplugs, SwimEars®, are designed specifically for open water swimmers to let sound in and keep water out. With over 1,000 hours of design, development and prototyping, SwimEars® earplugs have proven successful in all elements, from icy cold winter swells in Sweden to tropical surf in Barbados. SwimEars® earplugs offer a revolutionary design that blocks water, cold air, and bacteria to help prevent ear inflammation (swimmer’s ear).

Check out SwimEars®, open water products, and swim tips/workouts at FINISinc.com.

Only 2 weeks left to register for the North Shore Challenge!

There is little time remaining before the 3rd Annual North Shore Challenge for Camp Trillium. We are looking forward to hosting over 200 swimmers, and raising $20,000 for Camp Trillium on Sunday, July 16th, but we can’t get there without you!

Register today, and who knows? You may be one of our big FINIS winners!

See you in the lake!

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