Mighty Minnows can now #SwimLakeErie Too!

This will be our last blog post before the big race, tomorrow! And speaking of big, here’s some big news about little people! As part of our membership in the SWOOWS, we now have a swim designed for all the little fishes who want to join the big fishes – The Mighty Minnows 300 m Lake Erie swim will take … Read More

Let’s All Be Waterkeepers!

I know what you’re thinking: “Four days away from the big day, the race director is probably gonna blog us, asking for last minute entries, or to announce water conditions or weather,” and you’d be (mostly) wrong. We do want last minute entries, to top our numbers from last year. We also want you to consider bringing your kids (12&U) … Read More

One Month Out, Meet Our New #Swimbuddies, Swim Buddy!

Let’s face it: Swimming in open water is hugely different from swimming in a pool.  These differences take some getting used to, and require the development of personal confidence: The water is usually colder and deeper, it may have a unique taste, and is often darker. No lifeguards or lane ropes nearby. Stuff in the water. Stuff on the water. … Read More

Long Point Eco Adventures

Located just 3km from our Turkey Point finish line area, and our registration pavilion, Long Point Eco-Adventures provides its guests with many fun activities, including ziplining, mountain biking, stargazing at the Long Point Observatory, and wine tasting at Burning Kiln Winery right across the road. Long Point Eco-Adventures provides luxury glamping accommodations which are not only unique to the Long … Read More

New Year, New Routes

Long Point Eco-Adventures 1730 Front Road St. Williams, ON 877-743-8687 info@lpfun.ca Long Point Eco-Adventures in not just a place to stay, it is a vacation! Across the road from Burning Kiln Winery and 5 mins from Turkey Point Beach, there is no shortage of activities for the whole family! Use the promo code NSC18 when booking online or by calling … Read More

Athlete Profile – LifeLabs’ Natalie Ceccato

It’s not our style at LifeLabs to always go with the flow and to swim alongside the other fish. In order to continue building a healthier Canada we know it’s important that we sometimes go against the current, embrace challenge, and do the unthinkable. Though doing so does not just happen overnight. It takes courage, planning, and most importantly, a … Read More

Buy “Solo, Yet Never Alone” at the North Shore Challenge!

There are so many amazing stories of courage, determination, and absolute insanity when it comes to Open Water Swimming and the Great Lakes, someone ought to write a book! Well, guess what? Somebody already has! Meet Laura E. Young. Laura is an award winning journalist, endurance sport enthusiast, lifelong swimmer, race director of the Ian McCloy Island Swim (more about … Read More

Swim & Win with FINIS and the North Shore Challenge

From the very beginning of the North Shore Challenge, FINIS has been a key partner. This year, we will be featuring over $1000 worth of FINIS gear as prizes for our swimmers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this amazing company, here is your primer. FINIS strives to simplify swimming through innovation, high-quality products and a commitment to … Read More

Can You Bring the Whole Family to the North Shore Challenge? YES!

With less than a month to go before the Third Annual North Shore Challenge for Camp Trillium, you have probably begun to plan your race weekend. “But Mr. Race Director,” you are probably asking yourself, “should I be bringing my whole family with me? What is there to do in Turkey Point?” Well, let me tell you! Despite being a … Read More

Water to Wine, Lake to Grapes; A Perfect Pairing!

It’s not every day that an Open Water Swim race is sponsored by a winery. But then, the North Shore Challenge is not your average OWS. And Burning Kiln Winery isn’t your average Winery. Norfolk County, on the north shore of Lake Erie, has quietly become one of Canada’s fastest growing wine regions, so to us, the partnership seemed natural. … Read More

Diving In with Olympian Special Guest, Zsofi Balazs

Although it has been a passion for swimmers ever since Captain Matthew Webb crossed the English Channel in 1875, open water marathon swimming only became an Olympic event in 2008. Since then, only three swimmers have competed for Canada in Olympic open water: Richard Weinberger, Stephanie Horner, and this year’s North Shore Challenge special guest, Zsofi Balazs. Race co-director Josh … Read More

The Team Challenge – The newest Challenge on the North Shore

As registrations begin to roll in for the 2017 North Shore Challenge, there have been many questions about our newest addition: The Team Challenge. Hopefully, this primer can help to clear a few things up. The Team Challenge is an opportunity for swimmers to use their swim community to help them reach their goals. While it was designed to encourage … Read More


Hello Swimbuddies! We wanted to share more details about the TEAM CHALLENGE, the newest adventure you can take part in on the North Shore. While swimming is an individual sport, we all know what a big part the social aspect of swimming, and being a part of a team of like-minded athletes helps our training. We at the North Shore … Read More

Mairi MacGregor

Three years ago Mairi MacGregor decided to set a goal for her 50th birthday – to join masters swimming and compete in “A” swim meet. She joined the Oakville Masters swim team in 2013. She was hooked after that first meet and with lots of encouragement, continued to set new goals and went to the World’s Masters Games in Montreal … Read More

The Normandale Century Inn

The Normandale Century Inn, located in the heart of Norfolk County, was built in 1875 by John Dey Post and was originally named the Normandale General Store. Since then it has been owned by various entrepreneurs and remained a general store until 1996 when the current owners, Hans and Brenda, expanded this local store to include an inn and restaurant. … Read More

Vicki Keith

An honorary North Shore Challenge Ambassador, Vicki Keith is one of the successful marathon swimmers in the history of the sport, holding 18 world records. Constantly surpassing the records of other swimmers as well as previous records of her own, Vicki is, to many, the face of marathon swimming in Canada. Her most recognised accomplishments include becoming the first person … Read More